Why Schema Plus?

Schema Plus is a Shopify Plus Technology Partner and is recognized by Shopify for our ability to accelerate the growth of high-performance merchants.

Add more for your SEO

Schema markup enables Google to rank your shop better. With Schema, Google will display rich snippets with review stars for your store.

Automate Content Markup

Built by Ex-Google software engineers, SchemaPlus is the most advanced schema app, providing 100% Google compatible schema for your content.

One-Click Install

No coding or developer time necessary! In 1 click, install SchemaPlus on all your pages. Also includes FAQ, Breadcrumbs, Recipe schemas.

Get More Traffic

Schema Plus is the most advanced automatic schema installation service in the world, with more features and more web elements indexed than other Schema services.

Once I downloaded the app I found out that I had two Schemas populating. Unsure of what to do, I contacted customer service and they deleted the old one as well as fixed all remaining Schema issues without me doing a thing. Very pleased. Thank you.

Rachel O'Neill, Owner, Loftipop


Built for Shopify

  • All products, descriptions, photos, and product variants
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Blog posts
  • About pages
  • FAQ pages
  • Recipe pages
  • Product collections and categories
  • Reviews and ratings

Built for Scale

SchemaPlus increases the visibility of your site for the search engines. Our team understands how search engines see your store and provide the semantic information that is needed for better ranking.

Supports All Major Review Apps

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