SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is an incredible tool for marketers to promote their products or services. Unlike standard advertising tools, this one is more intricate and creates organic leads to your website. If you have sophisticated SEO strategy, you will end up having a high ranking in organic search.

Giant search engines have ever-changing algorithms to rank web pages. SEO is a process that adjusts your website according to current algorithms. SEO lets you get on top of SERP by generating more traffic.

There are many good tactics to implement, from creating domain authority, backlinks, and keywords to writing meaningful content, incorporating other social media, etc. There are many SEO apps available on Shopify.


Essentially, proper SEO can make your website more visible to your target audience and bring in more traffic from people who are interested in your content, which leads to increased sales and helps you to stand out among your competitors.

Schema is also an important part of SEO strategy. Our SchemaPlus schema ensures you always have up-to-date schema within Google’s algorithms and helps you generate rich snippets in SERP! 

Does schema boost SEO?

An essential part of SEO is schema. Schema helps Google or any other search engine understand what a webpage contains, or what is on an online store. Schema is one of the great and easy marketing tools to make your eCommerce store stand out. To get better results from organic traffic, you should have a proper schema which is actually required by Google to understand what products you’re selling. Consequently, you will have rich snippets on search pages which will attract potential customers and therefore boost your traffic and conversions.

SchemaPlus is dynamic and provides up-to-date schema following Google guidelines and algorithms. We encourage our customers to contact SchemaPlus Customer Support whenever you need it, but especially to ensure that you have a healthy schema.

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