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Schema Plus is the most advanced automatic schema installation service in the world, with more features and more web elements indexed than other Schema services.

Schema Plus enables Search Engines to understand your online stores contents, and increases the traffic to your online store through organic searches.

Schema Driven E-Commerce

Make Your Shopify Store More Visible

Automate your store’s SEO updates, making your store easily readable by search engines.

Install Seamlessly Without a Developer

Add enhanced markup to your pages WITHOUT a developer - our app is installed with ONE click!

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Increase your organic and paid search click throughs by 30% instantly!

Automatic Indexing

Your each page of your website is automatically indexed, meaning your product pages, blog posts, reviews and more are formatted for a search engine to easily read.

What is Schema?

Schema is an advanced markup code added to your website. Websites with Schema are easier for search engines and other crawlers to index, meaning it’s easier for them to understand the content of your store, and serve it to more relevant people.

Increase Your CTR by 30%

Studies show that adding Schema to your website can increase your organic click throughs by up to 30%!

It also adds rich content to your website, which means elements like your reviews or product descriptions can also show up in search results.

Which elements does Schema Plus index for Shopify?

  • All products, descriptions, photos and product variants
  • Blog posts
  • About pages
  • FAQ pages
  • Product collections and categories
  • Reviews and ratings

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